Make It Better. Repair, Reconstruction, and Healing through Maker Practices

Victoria Wenzelmann, Mariana Baran, Konstantin Leonenko, Svitlana Bovkun

The Russian war in Ukraine has not only destroyed many lives, but also infrastructure and houses. Making as a communal creative practice continues to support repair and reconstruction efforts, and helps communities heal from trauma. Let’s share stories and experiences - and let’s make some useful things!
Hands On

We invite you to a 60-minute speed geeking event between international and Ukrainian makers to explore the potential of making practices in supporting repair and reconstruction during and after the ongoing war in Ukraine - and crises everywhere. In this fast-paced session, we will showcase and discuss innovative solutions, including 3D-printed medical devices and DIY windows, that demonstrate the power of making to address urgent needs and bring communities together to co-create solutions.

With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, there is a pressing need for rebuilding communities and supporting those affected by the war. Making practices, which empower individuals and communities to create and repair their own objects, can play a critical role in this process. From 3D-printed prosthetics for injured soldiers to DIY windows that provide insulation and protection against further damage, makers are developing innovative solutions that can help bring stability to communities in need.

In addition to supporting repair and reconstruction, making practices also have the potential to play a critical role in community trauma healing. Bringing people together to co-create and make objects can provide a sense of purpose and community, helping to alleviate feelings of isolation and trauma.

 With its focus on the intersection of making, social impact, and community building, this event will provide a unique opportunity for participants to learn about the latest developments in making practices and to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Let’s share stories and experiences - and let’s make some useful things*!


*What is useful in Ukraine changes quickly. By the time of handing in the proposal to the CfP, it is windows, generators and lamps - in summer, it might be ablution facilities or 3D printed ortheses.