Getting to Net Zero

Tega Brain, Sam Lavigne

How does media become ecology? Artists Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne will share several schemes to mitigate climate change.
Live Übersetzung

As the climate emergency deepens, deliberate attempts will be made to manipulate and design the earth’s atmosphere, potentially through technological interventions such as massive CO2 removal or solar radiation modification. These risk being end-of-pipe attempts to engineer the physical environment so that we can continue to emit pollutants, that is, to continue business as usual. What if we adopted a more expanded and radical notion of geoengineering? What if media itself were a form of geoengineering in which ecological space is determined by narrative space?

In this talk, artists Tega Brain and Sam Lavigne will discuss a series of recent works that explore their framework of "expanded geoengineering", including their latest in-progress work "Offset," a carbon accounting scheme for radical social change.