Technology & Science - The picture shows a usb cable

In this track, we explore the underlying synergies of science and technology. We are interested in infrastructures and hardware, the sciences and their disruption by new technologies. How has digitization influenced the latest findings, advancements, and controversies in these respective disciplines?
We look forward to insights from labs, FabLabs, think tanks and universities. From the contributions of biologists, neuroscientists, makers, computer scientists, physicists, hackers, chemists, astronomers, and everyone who works at this intersection – your contributions are more than welcome here.

Learning & Knowledge - The picture shows a light bulb

Digital technologies are continuously changing the way we learn, teach, do research and share knowledge. In the track "Learning & Knowledge", we talk about (open) education and educational institutions, the organization of knowledge, knowledge transfer, educational skills in the digital world, education and training based on technology, lifelong learning and intergenerational educational concepts, how the Digital Pact is implemented and financed, citizen and open science, open research, open publishing and results of current research, reflection on scientific methods, knowledge advances and backlog and access to knowledge and last but not least we want to illuminate aspects of our knowledge and information culture.

Politics & Society - The picture shows a cake with two slices cut off

Debates and mutual exchanges about the ever faster evolving digitization and its impact on transforming society(ies) and shifting political dynamics are central to the re:publica. This track is about, among other things, the big and many small debates on net politics and their various issues: In what kind of digital world do we want to live? But also, the numerous other burning social disputes can get a stage with us if you deliver something convincing. We invite activists, civil society and experts to get to the roots of our various challenges and to discuss new digital utopias with us.

Net for Good - The picture shows a coffee to go cup

A better Internet is possible, but how exactly do we get there? How do infrastructures look like that are oriented towards the common good and not profit, and what are the best approaches to realize them? Which utopias of a better internet are worth pursuing - and where did humanity take a wrong turn in past attempts? This track is about open access, the fight against unjust power relations between internet giants and users – and the power of communities.

Spheres of Work - The picture shows a baguette

Cancel the call, skip the meeting and submit your ideas to the track "Spheres of Work"! We are looking for sessions that explore remote work, digital nomads, coworking, 4-day week, soft skills, gig economy, workation, quiet quitting, transformation through digitalization, demographic change, migration and automation. To truly understand how societal changes and technological advancements are transforming us and our jobs, let's stop the buzzword bingo and let's face the challenges that are ahead of us and discuss solutions.

This is Fun

Tik Tok! Who's there? "This is Fun." is all about pop culture, about everything devoted to fun on the net and our stages. From LAN parties to meme culture to VR Mario Kart: What makes your heart beat faster? Where can you unwind? What makes you laugh? What gets you moving? All this and so much more finds its place in this track.

Arts & Culture - The picture shows a bottle of red wine

From NFT hype to text and image generators, from concept art in Marvel movies to AI poets and VR opera - at #rp23, we want to explore infinite worlds created by the interplay of technology with art and culture. We'd like to figure out new forms of expression through AI and new dimensions of materiality that come with AR and VR. We welcome contributions that discuss the relationship between work and author, original and copy in the digital sphere. We would like to find out how technology changes art production and the purpose of archives, museums and cultural institutions. Last but not least: We want to know how the artistic approach enables scientists of various disciplines to get a new perspective on their scientific endeavors.

Media - The picture shows a bucket of popcorn

Between the platform economy and a whipped-up atmosphere in public discourses, media and journalism face new and old challenges: It's all about the fight for attention and (of course) money: new revenue models, subscriptions and the creator economy. We're interested in how fact-checking and journalism are financed and how data journalism is classified. We want to learn more about the diversity of opinion in newsrooms and talk about our media landscape, non-profit and community journalism – in short, everything relating to texts, sounds and moving images. We provide a forum for the big stories and the most critical research. Whether fiction or non-fiction, we look behind the scenes of investigative docuseries, viral storytelling on TikTok, VR games and podcasts.

The Media track at re:publica 23 is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB) and supported by Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb).

Sustainable Paradise - The picture shows a basil plant

Do you remember our motto 2020: ASAP – As soon as possible. It still applies – in particular to planetary boundaries! The momentum in which we can keep global warming below 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels has almost passed. More than ever, the challenge is to contain the effects of climate catastrophe, to fight for every degree and every tipping point – whether environmental or social. With its transformative power and speed, digitalization can empower us and accelerate the process. Technologies are vehicles for an optimistic future if we design them together. Join us in creating a "Sustainable Paradise" and charting the path to get there. This track is as much about the big transformative ideas and policy frameworks as it is about concrete business ideas,  products and digital tools for environmental protection or social engagement. Let's enable sustainability through digitalization and make digitalization sustainable.

The track „Sustainable Paradise“ is supported by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt.

Urban Spaces & Rural Spaces - The picture shows an apple

In this track, we'll talk about places to live, work, and everything in between and how we get from one place to another. We look for solutions that create a green, social and connected framework for public space. We're asking how we want to live and reside together and which role technology plays here. The track includes topics like livable cities and urban design, resilience and adaptation, regenerative agriculture and new supply chain models for food, inclusivity and access, data-driven transportation systems, the future and monetarization of mobility business models, safety and security of infrastructure, demographics and their demands on living space and co-design of technical solutions.

The Human Touch - The picture shows a glass with skin cream

"The Human Touch" examines the interplay between humans and technology. We look at both mental and physical health in the digital society, the opportunities and possibilities presented by "AI" and "Big Data", and the ethical context. We want to learn how we define and perceive ourselves as human beings in a digital world and how technology changes our emotional and sexual relationships. We are interested in questions like: When will the first superintelligence emerge, and what effect will it have on our definition as logical beings? What do robots feel, and what role do our feelings play in a world of algorithms? When are we happy? When are we feeling lonely? What innovations emerge in medical technology, and how far advanced are human enhancement projects? We want to know how health tracking and virtual consultations contribute to medical care and diagnosis without discriminating and jeopardizing our data security. What role does social media play in educating about health topics that are perceived as taboo. This and many more are issues that may take place in this track.

Economy & Responsibility - The picture shows plastic bottles in plastic wrap.

From research to market, from Doughnut economics to degrowth: this track is about alternative economic and business models that provide concrete solutions to address current challenges – whether (economic and social) inequality, climate change, biodiversity loss or resource depletion. It is about new ways of producing, organizing supply chains and collaborating for sustainable solutions. What digital business models breaks with the Silicon Valley mantra, and what kind of financial products break with the Wall Street's gamble? How do we shape a post-growth society? When will companies stop failing at their culture change stories and finally get serious about diversity, sustainability and digitalization? We are interested in solutions, success stories, and the challenges and risks associated with digital transformation concerning business and industry.