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The turtles are inviting you to flow along for water and hack for hydration.

With Open Source Hardware as a free and purpose-owned space of technology innovation, combined with a global network of Makerspaces, Hackerspaces and FabLabs equipped with communities and machines for digital production (like 3D Printing, CNC Machining) we are unlocking global real-time innovation, from research to the user.

Check out our repository, where you can find more information and all the files and instructions for building our prototype:

Our Mission: Providing Free and Open Source Hardware Designs for Solar-thermal Desalination that can be manufactured and innovated locally in Makerspaces across the world




Open Hardware Exhibition - Makerspace

Fadia Elgharib, Daniel Wessolek, Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Natalija Krasnoperova, Spyros Libre Water, LibreWater, Tom Dietel, Bezawork Tilahun Mindaye, Sarah Prien

The Open Hardware Exhibition will showcase a worldwide collection of open hardware, demonstrating how open hardware can end some global challenges and offer new ways to solve these challenges.

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