Be a Rainmaker - Assembly and Co-Design Session for Open Source Solar Desalination

Simon Meyer, Spyros Nompilakis, Tom Dietel

Join us in hacking for hydration! With Open Source Hardware and Holistic Product Design, we will join as makers and rainmakers and make “rain-in-a-box” a reality. Together, we will assemble the LibreWater prototype. Along the way, we creatively crunch on the open challenges and co-design solutions.
Hands On

LibreWater is an Open Source Hardware Project dedicated to turning seawater and almost any water to clean drinking water using solar energy.

On a pragmatic level and with a proven technology for solar desalination, we are exploring the bigger question: “How can we design and provide holistic solutions for humanity with Open Source Hardware and Makerspaces?”

In this session, we will assemble a simple prototype, while questioning, bouncing inspirations,  sketching, dreaming up wild ideas and co-creating on every step. Why is this built that way? What if we changed this for that? How about we try this?

Let's embark on the beautiful journey of human co-creation and celebrate collective intelligence - whether you are a maker, designer, artist, engineer or from any other field. Water is what unites us as humanity. Together we can make it flow.

Join us at the Makerspace of the Global Innovation Gathering, during the session and if you can’t make it there - have no fear of missing out: You may find us around to explore the design and exchange for co-creation opportunities.