Marlene Bart

Marlene Bart
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Alan Horsley

Marlene Bart PhD lives and works in Berlin. Her practice is situated at the intersection of natural history, anatomy and visual art. Bart is also a researcher and futurist who envisions the possibilities of how a common visual language in art and science could be used to address holistic issues such as the meaning of ordering systems. In her current projects she explores how our relationship to visual taxonomies can be mediated and critiqued via the medium of virtual reality.

In her artistic practice, Bart deals with with the combination of scientific and artistic visual language. Varied use of multimedia techniques (printmaking, artist books, sculptures, taxidermy, installations, VR animations & AI) allows her to combine a wide range of image content in a playful way, referencing the historical dimension of scientific publications whilst placing them firmly in a contemporary context.

Since 2023 Bart holds a PhD of the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. She worked on the theme of "The Artist's Book as a Multimedia Encyclopedia" and conducted research on the intersections of visual systems in art and science.