Ayat Alderi

Educational Robots mentor & Marketing assistance
Ayat Fadhil
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Ayat Fadhil

She has academec biology background but her passion is marketing and she worked in this field for more than eight years she is well well-known activist and Basra and experienced NGO worker she developed herself through many training related to marketing volunteering and civil rights, political capacity building, Arduino programing, and cyber security. she has a wide network of activists and the stakeholders all over Iraq nowadays she is with a science camp to develop the private sector sustainability approach through educational robot courses where she takes at the training on Arduino programming




The gray area between programmers and non-programmers (gamification in education using Visual programming for robots making)

Nawres Arif, Hasanain Fadhil, Ayat Alderi, Manar Alhuda Al Furaijie

We are finding the "grey area" between programmers and non-programmers. Through visual programming (where the pain of learning the syntax of coding is eliminated) we help program a robot that kids assemble by themselves in gamification in the education approach.
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