Ben Okamoto

Picture of ben dancing with bushes in the background
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Introducing Ben Okamoto, an Australian-born, half-Japanese artist based in Berlin, known as Mama Shiva or Boto and the creator of Pyramid Party. Boto seamlessly blends Kundalini activation, performance, music, DJing, club culture, drag queen artistry, and dance, with a core focus on awakening heart-based consciousness, happiness, and pleasure.

Inspired by Berlin's rave scene, Boto's classes fuse ancient wisdom with contemporary practices to elevate consciousness through sound, movement, and elemental exploration. His Pyramid Party, a heart-based conscious Techno rave, has become a global sensation, leaving its mark on festivals worldwide.

Beyond parties, Boto hosts Pyramid Retreats in Brandenburg, offering immersive experiences in nature's transformative energy. Through his journey of transformation and exploration, Boto invites others to discover higher consciousness, joy, and ecstatic pleasure, guiding them to unlock hidden depths within themselves.