How a technical lens on representative journalism empowers everyone - from the underestimated to the unvaccinated

Hadjar Benmiloud, Nour Khairi, Linda A. Thompson, Christina Lee

Everyone is aware that the old media model is broken, but what’s representation got to do with it? In this panel, Hadjar Benmiloud (founder, Vileine Academy), Linda A. Thompson (co-founder, The Friendly Freelancer) and Nour Khairi (founder, Kweers of the Nile) introduce a new way to level up media that can respond to complex crises.
Stage 6

We all know that data journalism tools, virtual investigative skills and information security training are essential elements for a successful newsroom. In addition, they are invaluable gems for the independent and freelance journalist in a digital age. As an information war continues to wage, the pressure increases on newsrooms to rise up to the challenge and cut through the noise. We recognize the need to become even more cross-border and cross-cultural. Journalism and media has to upskill and innovate in an unprecedented way, in order to fulfill its role as the vanguard of democracy. But what’s being representative got to do with it? Instead of diversity and inclusion, representative journalism is the framework we choose to tackle the most pertinent media issues of our time. It is how we intend to digitally upskill and empower underrepresented journalists to create quality newsrooms that face up to their mission as watchful eyes of citizens globally. We will present the essentials of our research and insights in a talk that gets you thinking about digital empowerment and truly representative journalism. We do this by taking the audience on an interactive journey through the foundational and technical principles of Representative Journalism as developed through years of fieldwork, so that they have a qualitative framework under their belt to tackle ongoing complexities around them for once and all.


Christina Lee