Cancelled: Rongin Shagor - Will you remember to keep us afloat? How does digitization change the course of memory and where is it headed?

Madhumita Nandi, Anja Saleh

রঙিন সাগর Rongin Shagor translates to "colourful ocean" and views the ocean and our bodies as holders of memories, putting us in direct relation to bodies of water.
Will you remember to keep us afloat asks; Will you remember to keep us afloat asks; Who stays afloat - is remembered to stay afloat - and who will be forced to be forgotten?
Lightning Talk

Rongin Shagor is a virtual artistic chain letter investigating the concept of heritage and gets others involved in the discourse of how our history shapes our actions today. This digital project looks at the broader interactions between European nations and the societies they colonised by dealing with issues of identity (gender, race, and class), language, and representation. Rongin Shagor - the colorful ocean - symbolises the variety of poetic and artistic interpretations and inspirations that emerge from one poem. They float, embark, collide and buoy in the same place, each marking approaches to respective struggles in identity politics. Dreams, visions, and associative powers of imagination in poetry are heightened through a collective growth of individual artworks that build on each other - starting with a poem by May Ayim.

May Ayim has published poetry that reflects the experiences, feelings, and realities of many BIPOC in Germany and specifically in Berlin. To take a look at the poems today is a look into the past that certainly shaped our now and will continue to shape our future. May Ayim’s poetry demonstrates the important malleability of language and its power to both give and take from marginalized people.


Madhumita Nandi
Künstlerische Co-Leitung
Anja trägt einen cremefarbenen Blazer und blickt mit angelegtem linken Arm über ihre linke Schulter direkt in die Kamera. Sie trägt ihr lockigen Haar offen und im Hintergrund ist ein weißer Türrahmen zu erkennen.
Artist, Wirter and Curator