#rp22 Speaker Pinar Yoldas: Expanding Ecological Empathy through Art and Design

16.05.2022 - The artist, designer and researcher focusses on topics like posthumanism, the anthropocene, neuroscience and feminist technoscience.
Porträtfoto von #rp22-Sprecherin Pinar Yoldas

After being part of the 2019 programme of the "re:publica Sequencer Tour" in Portland, she was scheduled to be on stage at #rp20 as well, which the pandemic prevented. Instead, she was featured on a panel at the Martin Roth Symposium organised by re:publica, which she joined via video.
We are therefore all the more pleased to welcome her to Berlin this year!

Already at the age of five, Pinar exhibited her paintings and became the youngest artist with an exhibition in Turkey. Today, she expresses herself through architectural installations, kinetic sculptures, sound, video and drawing. One of her most impressive works is the project “An Ecosystem of Excess”. For this she created a post-human ecosystem of speculative organisms and their imagined environment. With the installation “The Kitty AI: Artificial Intelligence for Governance” she created an artificial intelligence with the affective capacities of a kitten to become the first non-human governor.

Besides her creative work, Pinar Yoldas studied architecture, visual communications, information technology, and new media art. She received a Certificate for Cognitive Neuroscience from Duke University, USA. Here she also wrote her PhD thesis titled “Speculative Biologies: New Directions in Art in the Age of the Anthropocene”. 

At #rp22, she revisits the themes of ecocide, imperceptibility and the Anthropocene in her session entitled "Trapped in our Umwelt. Expanding Ecological Empathy through Art and Design".

For the latest on Pinar's projects and exhibitions, visit her website and follow her on Instagram or LinkedIn.