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25.05.2024 - The programme highlights from the media track
Medien re:publica

In our ‘Media & Public’ track, we not only cover topics related to journalism, social media and debate spaces, but also provide a stage for discussions about the moving image from the audiovisual creative industry.
We have put together a few programme highlights that you shouldn't miss - for everyone from the industry and those of you who want to take a look behind the scenes of the film and series:

Who actually decides which content makes it onto the platforms of streamers, private broadcasters and public broadcasters? Is the ongoing consolidation ending the phase of bold in-house productions and ambitious content plans? Torsten Zarges (, Frauke Neeb (RTL+), Christoph Schneider (Amazon) and Jonas Schlatterbeck (ARD Mediathek) discuss whether it has ‘run its course’.

How artificial intelligence is changing the production of films and series is another of the highlight topics: In the ‘Prompting Hollywood’ session, producers and creatives will give a glimpse behind the scenes and showcase the latest film and media technologies ‘Made in Berlin-Brandenburg’. 

The cast and creators of the series HAUS KUMMERVELDT and ANGEMESSEN ANGRY show us how well humour and emancipation go together.

But how do you actually get started in film production - an industry that is still struggling with a shortage of skilled labour and is still considered a ‘closed shop’? We discuss challenges and solutions for a more diverse film and TV production and highlight initiatives that make it easier to enter the industry and promote diversity behind the camera.

Current crises and wars are a challenge for producers of documentary formats: gebrueder beetz filmproduktion had a team on location just two days after the Hamas attack on the Supernova music festival in Israel. In addition to a high-end documentary to be released in October 2024, the footage was used for a film as part of an Arte theme evening shortly after it was shot. How did the makers manage to act so quickly? One Day in October - between high-end documentary film and ‘instant documentary’.

Journalist Anja Rützel and USA expert Annika Brockschmidt combine trash TV with US politics and rose-hunting with Republicans: What does the US Bachelor tell us about Trump and why does Donald Trump have a real chance of becoming president again despite all his scandals and bizarre statements? Anja Rützel and Annika Brockschmidt will find out in an interview about a surprising Republican propaganda tool: the reality format ‘The Bachelor’.

Away from the stages, there are exciting VR and XR projects to try out: THE PORTAL XR EXHIBITION presents twelve outstanding experiences from Berlin and Brandenburg that illustrate the potential of immersive media. 

The media track is funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and supported by Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg.