Christoph Hassler

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DEI Consultant and Inclusive Designer
The picture shows a light skinned black man, with close cropped hair and beard. He has broad shoulders and wears a white T-Shirt. He stands infront of a wall.
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Tobias Carl

Christoph has been working as a designer in the field of digital products since the early 2000s, centering humanity in his work. His most recent topics of concern are the decolonization of technology, as well as the risks and opportunities that increasing digitization entails for the marginalized. He works as a freelance designer and consultant in the area of Inclusion, teacher and product lead for a social start-up. 


Decolonize Tech - How to design for all

Christoph Hassler

The promises of Silicon Valley, to innovate for a better future have failed. Let’s discuss the state of current tech and design best practices and take a look at more inclusive and pluralistic viewpoints, inspired by practitioners outside of the dominant western paradigm. 
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