Alessandro Polidoro

attorney at law & digital rights advocate
Alessandro wearing a blue suit and a light blue tie, smiling
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Alessandro Polidoro is an attorney at law and digital rights advocate experienced in IT law, criminal law and digital forensics. As an independent lawyer, he collaborates with different NGOs and law firms located across Europe, Africa and North America being responsible for cases pertaining privacy, cybercrimes and the safeguard of workers' rights. Core activity of his work is offering legal protection against hate crimes and gender-based violence, in particular with regard to image-based sexual abuse.


A New Era of CyberLove: Reimagining Porn Platform Regulation

Alexandra Keiner, Lisa Völzmann, Irma Mastenbroek, Alessandro Polidoro

Imagine a future where big tech platforms no longer dominate our digital intimacy and desires. This panel presents the latest EU regulation on internet pornography, discovers the power of advocacy for digital governance, and explores further actions needed for responsible representation and privacy.
Digital rights
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