Simon Höher

Systems Change Lead
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Simon Höher is an Independent Strategic and Public Designer as well as Systems Change Lead at Dark Matter Laboratories. In his work he explores emerging patterns of just transition processes, public innovation, and digital transformation. He has a background in sociology, political science, economics and philosophy with a particular focus on Systems Theory. Simon has been working with public, private and civic organisations for over a decade and is (occasional) visiting lecturer at the Faculty for Social Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Simon is currently supporting the EU Commission’s NetZeroCities Mission to help 100 cities transition to climate neutrality. Most recently he has been working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Economic Forum and the African Centre for Cities in Cape Town. Other clients and partners include Stiftung Mercator, Mozilla Foundation, OKFN, Wikimedia e.V, the RISE Cities program of BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Institute for Future Studies and Technology Assessment, CityLab Berlin, GovTech Campus Germany, as well as various corporations, municipalities and ministries.


Because they care - digitalpolitische Zivilgesellschaft stärken, aber wie?

Carla Hustedt, Elisa Lindinger, Markus Beckedahl, Anna-Lena von Hodenberg, Simon Höher

Wir haben mit zahlreichen Expert*innen aus der digitalpolitischen Zivilgesellschaft gesprochen, um aktuelle Veränderungen im Feld besser zu verstehen. In dieser Session reflektieren wir die Erkenntnisse und was sie bedeuten - für Menschen in der digitalen Zivilgesellschaft sowie für Fördernde.
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Future & Utopia
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