Binge Money

Yoav Lifshitz, Gabriel S Moses

Join us for a binge-watch gathering of series and movies about money. We watch together and then unpack together our favorite on-screen moments that encapsulate the relations between art (any art) and $$$ (any amount).
How do we discuss complex ideas in days of short attention? Through the post-pandemic version of the sing-along: the binge-along.

ArtUp Nation (AUN) is a think tank dedicated to matters of culture and economics, two things that cannot be set apart even if we really wanted to.

We believe that an educated conversation on this topic should start with sharing art that is communicative and accessible to us all, namely popular series and films. After all, Hollywood has always been where creativity and big budgets meet. From mastermind true crime to subversive family dramedies—from Citizen Kane and Gremlins to Succession and Inventing Anna—today more than ever, what we watch on Netflix, Hulu, and HBO defines how we see life and its costs. To celebrate these lavish depictions in their finest on-screen moments, join ArtUp Nation & Friends for a binge-along session: a guided marathon of selected clips from money-themed TV and film, mixed with an open discussion with the audience on what imitates what, art, life or the market? And what's included in our paid subscription?

The market is the medium, remember at all times.

Founder of Desperately Seeking, PhD candidate at Bauhaus University, Weimar