Collective Encounters with the River: Part 1

Jemma Woolmore, Nayeli Vega

Artists Nayeli Vega and Jemma Woolmore invite you to an intimate, sensory encounter with the Spree. We will examine our relationships with water, particularly the bodies of water nearest to us in a city like Berlin. The workshop will incorporate inner reflection, conversation and response through writing and/or image creation.
Hands On

The session begins with a walk along the Spree River. To approach the water, we will perform a small ritual to reflect on concerns of accessibility, connection, and understanding of bodies of water in urban areas.

We will discuss the sources and boundaries of the Spree, as well as collective perceptions of rivers. Do we fear the river and why? How can we come to understand these complex, yet vulnerable habitats? What is our current relationship with the Spree? We will talk about our existing ties and histories with water, ponder how to construct equitable connections, and encourage participants to produce words, textures, and images in response.

The session results will then be used in part 2 of the workshop, where we will shape speculative water stories in virtual space with the participants.

This is Part 1 of a two part workshop. Participants are invited to join for Parts 1 & 2 but it is not necessary for engagement in one or the other, each part will function as a standalone workshop.

Note: this workshop takes place outside. Please bring weather appropriate clothing and a bottle of water.