Fight For the Net Game Session

Elena Falomo

Fight for the Net is a card game that wants to spark a conversation around the strategies to counteract the spread of misinformation and disinformation online. Let’s fight for the net!
Off Stage

Get ready to expose the villains of the internet in the ultimate battle for truth! Fight for the Net is a thrilling social deduction card game that puts you in the shoes of manipulative social media board members. Deploy devious tactics to spread misinformation and disinformation online, but watch out - there are undercover researchers, fighting to protect the truth. Can you outsmart your opponents and come out on top? Join the Fight for the Net and discover the corrupt forces at play in this exciting and educational game of strategy and deception.

Fight for the Net was co-developed by the designer Elena Falomo and the lawyer and scholar Matthias Ketteman, as part of a collaboration within the “Generation A = Algorithm” project by the Goethe Institute. The earlier versions of the game were also play-tested by re:publica festival goers. Now that the game has been produced we'd like to bring it back to where it originated and spread even more fun! Different tables of up to 8 participants at a time can be set up and cards are available in both German and English.