Mingling Between (Digital) Art & Commerce

AC Coppens

An interdisciplinary, informal space to mingle for those interested in the business of digital arts. Following this session are a presentation of research results on the ecosystem and an ideation workshop, so let's warm up by getting to know each other. Are you struggling with money or loaded with CASH, & more importantly, will you dare to tell us?
Meet Up

Calling all digital arts organizations, galleries, artist collectives, artstacks, creative agencies, metaverse platforms, but also funding bodies, sponsors, private collectors, NFT freaks and even… brands! This is the space to join the digital arts conversation, come mingle with the players of the digital arts ecosystem before we dig into the tricky topic of CASH.

Whether you're a newbie in the field or a seasoned professional, this is the space to share best practices and ask questions to one another. We'll playfully guide you through open discussions on the "taboo" topic of money in the arts.

The session is brought to you by THE CATALYSTS, a consortium partner of Digital Inter/Section, alongside Kikk (Namur), Signal (Prague), Kontejner (Zagreb), Zinc (Marseille), and Massiv’Art (Montreal). Digital Inter/Section (DI/S) is financed by the European Commission.