PlayOn!, Lucy Hammond, Luke James

Location: Club

Three women. Three voices. The northern landscape.

In Monoliths, three stories open the world of the northern English landscape in virtual reality, what it means to come from it, live in it and belong to it.
Off Stage

Monoliths is a virtual reality experience by Pilot Theatre in collaboration with One to One Development Trust that combines the soundscapes of real locations in the north of England with the stories of three northern women. Audiences will experience three artistically rendered environments based on real outdoor locations. The piece is an exploration on how landscapes can be radical spaces for expression and reflection. The experience melds the real audio soundscape of a location with 3D rendered environments and the personal experiences of women from the region.

Their stories and origins are tied to the landscape where they come from and have grown up. They are monoliths – standing stones – powerful and influential forces.

Creative Producer & Concept - Lucy Hammond

Creative VR Development & Visuals - Andy Campbell & Judi Alston

'The Moorland Calls' Written & Performed by Hannah Davies

'The Girl Next Door' Written & Performed by Asma Elbadawi

'Small Stones' Written & Performed by Carmen Marcus

Sound Designer - Mariana Lopez

Composer - May Chi

Model Artist - Grace Harvey

Production Assistant - Lucy Havelock

Funded by XR Stories and supported by PlayOn!


A headshot of Luch Hammond. She has long brown hair.
Creative Producer
Actor - Traitor