Open Hardware Exhibition - Makerspace

Fadia Elgharib, Daniel Wessolek, Sara Diaz Rodriguez, Natalija Krasnoperova, Spyros Libre Water, LibreWater, Tom Dietel, Bezawork Tilahun Mindaye, Sarah Prien

The Open Hardware Exhibition will showcase a worldwide collection of open hardware, demonstrating how open hardware can end some global challenges and offer new ways to solve these challenges.

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Off Stage

Libre Water:
Libre Water transfers a proven and promising solar-powered drinking water technology to Open Source Hardware and Makerspace. The goal is to create a space of Global Real-time Innovation where all stakeholders from the lab to the field across the world can innovate and produce simple and robust solar-powered solutions that can make drinking water out of almost any water - even sea water. This project is hosted by Blue Greece, an Open Source Hardware Developer Crew.

Studio HILO creates playgrounds for independent yarn manufacturing and empowers people for local production. The HILO Spinning Machine (and Software) is an open source project by Studio HILO and allows users to produce their own customized yarn and textiles.

TETRAGON Braille Systems
TETRAGON Braille Systems has created a concept for modular Braille displays. At the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, several products have been developed to support communication for people with movement disabilities, as well as speech and language disabilities. What these developments have in common is that they can be offered to "low-income counties" as a kit at cost price.

HPONIE is a 3D-printed soilless cultivation device that enables vertical farming. Printed in the form of a kit with multiple compartments, it can be stacked one on top of another to achieve the desired length, allowing you to grow vegetables on multiple levels within a small space. The unique feature of HPONIE is its disassemblability and easy portability, making it convenient to carry anywhere you go. It is compact and doesn't occupy much space in your home.

#CandidatesInData is a set of data portraits of the Colombian candidates in the previous presidential election scrapping public data from Twitter/Nitter to understand and engage as citizen in political public discourse, via critical code and data literacy practices.

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