Understanding the Right-to-Repair Movement in the Global North and Global South

Mathew Lubari, Ugo Vallauri, Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum, Steffi Lemke, Felipe Schmidt Fonseca, Sarah Prien, Geraldine de Bastion

Exploring Right-to-Repair: Bridging perspectives in the Global North and South on empowering consumers, promoting sustainability, and confronting challenges in accessing repairability for electronic devices and equipment. #RightToRepair #GlobalTech
Stage 8

The global #Right2Repair movement faces restrictive manufacturer practices, intentional planned obsolescence, and limited access to repair information. These restrictions create electronic waste, and hinder access to essential tools and documentation. Manufacturers prioritize profit, create complex products and discourage DIY repairs.

#Right2Repair advocates for legislation to provide repair options, empowering consumers and promoting fair market competition. In the Global South, affordable repair services are crucial, and #Right2Repair is key due to economic factors, extending device lifespans and supporting sustainability. How can we connect movements and policy developments around the world in order to ensure consumer empowerment and sustainable technology design? Practitioners from Uganda , Indonesia and from the UK -based Restart Project will discuss these issues with the German Federal Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection.

The session will take place in two parts: First, Geraldine will Interview BM Steffi Lemke (in German), for 20min and then will engage in a panel discussion with Mathew, Ugo and Irene (in English). 

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Bundesminsterin Steffi Lemke
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