Aurelio Todisco

Research Associate
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Aurelio Todisco

Since 2021, I have worked as a research associate at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) in the Competence Centre Design and Management. My research primarily focuses on Human Centred Design and Speculative Design, with a particular emphasis on how new technologies are perceived and utilized within the privacy of homes.

Additionally, I have been actively involved in teaching and coaching various modules at HSLU, spanning both the BA (Design Management, International) and MA levels (MA Design, MA Service Design, MA Digital Ideation, and MA Eco-Social Design).

In parallel to my academic pursuits, I have been working as an independent illustrator for several years, undertaking diverse projects such as publications, book illustrations, and stage designs. I am a two-time prize winner of the international competition of the Fumetto Comic Festival in Lucerne. Since 2021, I am also a member of the association Illustratoren:innen Schweiz. In addition to my illustrative work, I also realize smaller projects in the field of the intersection of space and society. For example, I planned and implemented a «Pop-up Art Library» at the Zug Art Night 2020 on behalf of the Kulturstelle and the Zug Library.