Jef Ausloos

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Jef Ausloos is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam (Institute for Information Law). He has done extensive work on the theoretical and practical dimensions of data rights in the GDPR. His current work centers around the role of the law in operationalizing meaningful transparency of (private) digital infrastructures. Apart from his role in academia, Jef is also involved in several activist initiatives, challenging platform power in a variety of manners.


Fight the Power! Data Rights and Social Justice in the Platform Economy

Jill Toh, Michael Veale, Gloria González Fuster, Jef Ausloos, Anton Ekker

Do you rely on an online platform to earn money, whether it is through creating content or driving around people, delivering food or groceries? Or are you a user who wishes to help scrutinise platforms to foster more just conditions? Join this hands-on workshop with others who share your concerns and learn how data rights can help reclaim power.
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