THF Radio

Eine mobile Radiostation auf einem Fahrradanhänger. Eine Frau steht am DJ Pult. Tanzende Menschen im Hintergrund.
Foto/Bild Credit
Allegra Kortlang

THF Radio is a self-organized and self-administered community radio located in Torhaus at the former Tempelhof Airport site. We are an intersectional, non-discriminatory, anti-sexist and anti-racist platform and serve as a space for experimentation and as a communication tool for citizens, artists, musicians,  creative people and other various  initiatives. THF Radio is part of the Torhaus community space, a platform for projects which experiment with creative forms of urban participation and with the aim to create a solidary, emancipatory and community-oriented city for all. THF Radio is designed as  an experimental forum in which we give community a platform, therefore we believe in the ideals of access and participation by encouraging people’s expression and direct exchanges.