Tonny Nowshin

Global Finance Campaigner
Tonny Nowshin is smiling
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Tonny Nowshin is a Degrowth and Climate Justice activist. She encountered the IPCC reports in-depth for the first time while writing her thesis for the master’s in International and development economics in 2017. Reading the IPCC reports, the urgency of climate change mitigation hit her, and she decided to become active in the Degrowth and climate movement.

Tonny grew up in Dhaka Bangladesh and was already an activist for social causes from her early high school days. She mobilized with her student organization protesting privatization efforts in Bangladesh of the World Bank’s structural adjustment program. Later in life, Tonny studied economics in her life long search to understand societies better and be able to have a positive impact on them. Tonny started her career in the international development sector with the world’s largest non-profit BRAC. She has later worked with other leading NGOs like ActionAid and At the moment, Tonny is working with the international NGO the Sunrise Project focusing on cutting fossil finance to tackle the climate crisis.

In a perfect world, we would find Tonny reading books with three cats, all day.