Miriam Gradel

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Alexander Banck Pedersen

International journalist and communications consultant focusing on solutions-driven narrative and the intersection between geopolitics, technology, innovation, business and environment. Recognising the power narratives hold in shaping our worldviews and reality, I became a journalist. My values closely align with the unbiased, inclusive and power-challenging nature of journalism. It is through constantly challenging my own and others' perceptions that I strive to do my bit to make tomorrow better and brighter than yesterday. 

As the Community Manager for Techfestival CPH in 2019, I engaged a multicultural community of designers, thinkers, tech-savvy doers and concerned citizens pushing for a human-centric future in technology. I then helped establish the non-profit organisation Raido, which focuses on developing in-school initiatives for empowering disadvantaged youths through education in close collaboration with the institutions and via the involvement of the end-user(s). 

In 2021, I joined the EU Horizon 2020 project OPENNEXT as the Communication Lead, working to ensure that the prospects and potentials of open-source hardware (OSH) reached a broader, mainstream audience. This resulted in a series of events, talks and successful projects, including the 5-episode series podcast available on Spotify, Show Me the Money, on the business potential of OSH development.

My latest contribution to the conversation on openness and future societies can be read in the 2023 Mayday Magazine: The Age of Crisis, in which I explore the role and prospects of Ukraine's maker movement/open-source hardware community now, immediately after and beyond the Russian occupation.