Mihel Mazepovich

Beautiful boy with cool bicycle and black techno glasses
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Bonjour, I’m Mihel Mazepovich, a Ukrainian cultural curator based in Kyiv. I am passionate about promoting modern Ukrainian culture and I am a member of the Kosmos Tabir and Art-weapon culture collectives. 

I curate projects like "ANTI-TANK OBSTACLE HEDGEHOG - KYIV DEFENDER" and "Art-armour", which manufacture anti-tank hedgehogs and bulletproof vests in response to the large-scale invasion and now turn them into urban art.

Together with others, I also co-organized the Ukrainian cultural festival "Art - Weapon!" in Berlin and Kyiv, showcasing Ukrainian art created during the full-scale war.

When I'm not curating, I put on my food engineer hat and create chocolate while launching industrial lines for Roshen Confectionery Corporation. Additionally, I am the founder of @grn.vlv, a company that creates upcycled bike bags.

In my free time, I like to unwind by playing music, indulging in extreme bicycle sports, and dabbling in amateur motosport (drift). 

I'm excited to share my experiences and insights about contemporary Ukrainian subculture with other cultural curators from around the world at the re:publica conference.