Sofia Bondar

Woman in great coat and with huge rolled-up construction drawing
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Sofia Bondar

Hello, I’m Sofia Bondar, a Ukrainian architect with over six years of experience in urban planning and landscape architecture. I work on city and private development projects worldwide, with a focus on creating public spaces that enhance people's quality of life. I believe that urban planning is one of the most potent tools to make cities more comfortable and safe for their inhabitants.

Since the full-scale invasion by Russia, Ukrainian cities had to adapt to the reality of living in a war zone.  Concrete blocks, anti-tank hedgehogs, barbed wires, and fences started appearing throughout the cities as defense structures. With a team of cultural enthusiasts, I started working on the "Anti-tank obstacle hedgehog - Kyiv defender”. Our goal was to revise the idea of defense objects such as anti-tank hedgehogs and give them new functions without losing their ability to deploy city defense quickly. This project has become a testament to the power of Ukrainian culture, even in the most challenging war conditions.

You can find more information about my projects on my Behance page:

I'm excited to share my experiences and insights with other professionals in urban planning and architecture at the re:publica conference.