Feven Michael Keleta

Communications Lead
The image depicts Feven M. Keleta of SUPERRR Lab, in front of a brick building and fence. She is leaning against the fence and smiling towards the camera, wearing a black jacket, pants and shirt.
Foto/Bild Credit
Julia Richard

Feven Keleta (she/her) is a writer, host, and creative producer by way of Eritrea, based in Berlin.
With a background in American and African Studies, her work aims to amplify and complicate narratives of Black diasporic culture(s), primarily focusing on Afrodiasporic music. Feven's practice is mainly influenced by various expressions of intersectional Black Feminist and African/Afrodiasporic postcolonial thought. Having engaged with cultural movements like Afrofuturism(s) and, in more recent years, Afrosurrealism, Feven's work as a producer and host of podcasts, a writer, lecturer, and editor is greatly informed by the movements above. At SUPERRR lab, Feven's work as communication lead seeks to build bridges between knowledge production/research, the SUPERRR community, and the general public. Outside the lab, Feven is working on "project: tapeshifta", a project aiming to digitize and archive the music that tells the story of the Eritrean revolution, in which women largely took part.