The re:publica 22 Off Stage Programme

06.06.2022 - The Off Stage programme at re:publica 22 will feature interactive workshops, installations, exhibitions, interventions and games throughout the festival grounds!
Off Stage

This year, we received many great submissions from the re:publica community via the Call for Participation. Artists, collectives, tinkerers and hackers, but also teams of innovative, sustainable projects are participating. The formats deal with topics from the conference, as well as other matters, presenting them in an artistic and playful way.

Many of this year's positions deal with the major crises of our time. Let us take you on a little tour:

On the Hoppetosse you will find programme on all decks.

The middle deck is hosted by NABU and shows a large exhibition with interactive elements. On the lower deck you will find fantastic works by the artist Andrea Garcia Vazquez, whose textile pieces deal with illegal deforestation in the Amazons. Also on the lower deck you will find the format Climate on Canvas, an exciting combination of VR, workshop and various embodiment techniques.

In the large Arena Hall, more amazing things are waiting for you in our Off Stage area. Among other things, there is the interactive loo market Loo:topia. Here you can learn everything about the topic of sanitation and nutrient change.

But also imagery, interventions and exciting VR projects like Point of You by The Constitute will be there. At the Arcade Machine by Conspiracy Virus you can fight against conspiracy myths, a few meters further the robot a.l.p.h.a. will print out a personalized poem for you.

The large outdoor area also has a lot in store for you! The Squirt Ice booth combines water ice and sexual education, the collective engmaschig is on the road with their mobile knitting machine. Berlin's most famous palm researcher is also present, of course you will find him under the palm trees. You can relax in loo:topia’s PeePaPo-Garden. Meanwhile, in the AR application Radical Dance Series, a dancing avatar invites you to hybrid movement experiences.

The Arena Club transforms into a mixed media parcours. It is part of the Media Special, which is funded by the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB) and supported by the Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (mabb). We are looking forward to works by international artists Libby Heaney, Uros Rankovic and Herwig Scherabon as well as award-winning virtual reality formats.

In the Festsaal Kreuzberg a big workshop station by Tinkertank awaits you—here you can craft and fiddle in the spirit of sustainability. Other exhibits deal with the core topics of the re:publica—network security, technological innovation and responsibility in the digital space.

In the Glashaus you will be tuned in to the .txt! Tagesschau & Wein is the name of a collection of 12 poems in which news texts have been processed with text recognition algorithms.

In the Flutgraben you will find a light installation by Summer Villarreal that stretches over several floors, as well as a preview of Julia Schneider aka docjsnyder latest comic about money & Nft—in oversize!

The re:publica 2022 is all about reunions! For those staying at home, but of course also for everyone else, we have created a small, fine online exhibition on Gather.Town as part of the Off Stage programme. At re:publica Gather.Town you can walk around, exchange ideas with other participants and playfully discover great artistic works and films. There will also be an Easter Egg or two.

In keeping with our new location, we also meet online on the "water". On our ship, you can wander around on different decks. If you hop into the little boats, you'll come to the cinema and the Museum Island. On our museum island is the palace of the re:publica (wink, wink) and in the cinema there are 6 great films waiting for you!

Hovering over everything is this year's rp22 motto "Any Way the Wind Blows": let yourself drift in a variety of directions. Look, touch, play, discuss, try and do it yourself—we are sure there will be something for everyone at the Off Stage programme!

We are looking forward to seeing you!