re:publica 2017 was amazing, and so were the visitors! Find out more on them here in our survey.


A new look for our next journey: Dublin & Thessaloniki ahoy! For re:connecting EUROPE, we came up with something special inspired by maritime signal flags.


The web is everywhere – and we shape it. It’s culture, baby! The Arts & Culture track at #rp17 was all about digital art, cultural policies, net activism and education. The most prominent topic: virtual reality (VR) and all the things it makes possible. A look back. 


The first submissions from our call are being evaluated now! Check out our programme for re:connecting Europe in Dublin & Thessaloniki. And don't forget, you can still hand in your own ideas until July 16th!


We have something special prepared for you in Thessaloniki: re:boat. We thought we could use the fact that we're in a port for sessions and more on board.


Love out Loud! That was re:publica in Berlin 8-10 May 2017!


By the first deadline, we had already received more than 40 of your submissions, and so we just wanted to say: Thank You! 


How do you actually navigate the darknet? And since when has the internet become a space for finished and predefined thoughts, instead of a platform for discussing? The “Politics & Society” track delivered all kinds of answers over the course of 150 sessions during re:publica 2017.


What challenges does the shift in media carry with it? For the fourth year in a row now, the MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin took place in cooperation with re:publica and offered media makers a platform for exchanging ideas.


How can we sustainably make use of the oceans without endangering them? How can we protect the seas, coral reefs and their inhabitants? Researchers probed for answers to these questions in numerous talks within the framework of the sub:marine topic.


Social participation, the right to the city, the right to internet access, diversity and open spaces in urban and rural areas – all these aspects, brought together under the Digitizing the Greenery tag at #rp17, got everyone thinking and are far from being definitively clarified.


Do you want to join our trip to Dublin and Thessaloniki? We are looking to fill an internship position starting 1 July 2017 to support the programme planning and editorial team for re:publica Dublin and Thessaloniki in September 2017.  

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