Integration of Quantum Principles into the Artistic Process

Bianca Kennedy, Nadia Armstrong, Adrian Schmidt, Swan Collective, Gesche Joost

At re:publica, the Goethe-Institut's residency and events programme Studio Quantum invites a diverse panel to discuss art and quantum technologies. Join us for a unique exploration of technology and creativity.
Stage 3

Aligning with the festival's theme "Who cares?" Gesche Joost (Berlin University of the Arts / Goethe-Institut), Kennedy + Swan (Studio Quantum Artists-in-Residence 2023), Nadia Armstrong (Artist / CONNECT - The Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications) and Adrian Schmidt (ITAS, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) will discuss different perspectives on quantum technologies. Former Studio Quantum artists-in-residence kennedy+swan will share insights into the programme and current projects. 

Studio Quantum is an international artist-in-residence and events programme from the Goethe-Institut. In the coming months, 8 residencies will take place in 8 different locations (Karlsruhe, Bangalore, Dublin, Lagos, London, Mexico City, Johannesburg und Rotterdam) with support of many project partners. This Autumn, a project showcase and events programme will take place in Berlin’s Haus der Kulturen der Welt.   

Studio Quantum at re:publica is supported by the Goethe-Institut and Zeitgeist Irland 24. Zeitgeist Irland 24 is an initiative of Culture Ireland and the Embassy of Ireland in Germany. 

Portrait Bianca Kennedy by Helena Melikov
Studio Quantum Artists-in-Residence 2023
Portrait Picture of Nadia J. Armstrong
visual artist, PhD researcher
Portrait Picture of Adrian Schmidt
Scientific staff in project "QuTec: Quantum Technology Innovations for Society"
portrait picture kennedy+swan
Studio Quantum Artist-in-Residence 2023
Portrait Picture of Prof. Gesche Joost
UdK, Goethe-Institut