Joining forces - Exposing and reporting on climate crisis preparations

Wafaa Albadry, Mercy Abang, Julia Vernersson

Are governments really preparing for the climate crisis ahead? What is being done to minimize the impact we now know will come, rising sea levels, extreme weather and drought? We want to know, and we are not the only ones!

If you too are working to inform the public about what is happening, come join us and let’s compare notes together!

Humans are good at solving complex problems and can accomplish monumental feats. That is, when we acknowledge what is happening, and prepare. The enormity of the forces threatening to reshape our planet is totally overwhelming. What we are missing is the nitty-gritty: the information about what is being done to prepare, who is responsible, and what our future communities are going to look like. What are the plans, who is implementing them, and what’s stopping us from making the changes necessary to make out societies safe?

We know we are not alone in searching for this information. We call on all journalists, scientists, activists and concerned citizens, to come and share a snapshot of your work, from progress to points of frustration, and connect with other like-minds within the science, media and development community during this session.

Hostwriter, who hosts the meet-up, has started working on one piece of the puzzle, investigating Sinking Cities, and we know we have work to do as a community, to paint the full the picture. When we collaborate, it will be easier to identify actors and individuals as well organization’s involvement in social movements that can make change happen.

Let’s connect!




Julia Vernersson
Managing Director