Muslim Futures – Empowering Approaches to Creatively Imagining Positive Futures

Anja Saleh, Makan Fofana, Sara Bolghiran, Ouassima Laabich

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What happens when we create a space in which futures are imagined from a Muslim
positionality? When we center anti- and interdisciplinary artistic and cultural perspectives and
allow for sensuality in imagination processes? How do these futures look, sound and feel like?

In this panel we will discuss what Muslim European Futurism is, can be as well as compare its understanding of futuring to other approaches. Moreover, we want to shed light on to what extend sensuality can and needs to be part of empowering futuring practices. By introducing the works of selected Muslim Futurists, we will look at some practical insights of their approaches and enter into a constructive and critical exchange with other European Futurists.

Anja trägt einen cremefarbenen Blazer und blickt mit angelegtem linken Arm über ihre linke Schulter direkt in die Kamera. Sie trägt ihr lockigen Haar offen und im Hintergrund ist ein weißer Türrahmen zu erkennen.
Artist, Wirter and Curator
Makan Fofan
Futuristic Artist and Writer
portaitfoto von sara
PhD Student in Islamic Studies at Leiden University