Re:pair - how we can save ourselves from techno-utopianism to build networks for solidarity, resilience and planetary care

Alistair Alexander

Technology is a planetary parasite. It drives runaway consumerism, escalating energy use, resource extraction, digital dependency, information chaos, and relentless economic expansion to maintain its exponential growth.
We need radically different networks to regenerate the planet - and us.
Park Stage

The more we connect with technology, the more we disconnect ourselves from the natural world around us - and from each other. And yet we are still depending on technology to save us from climate chaos.

As the climate crisis rapidly escalates, our technologies accelerate; the latest AI models use vast numbers of the most resource and energy intensive microprocessors ever produced. 
Silicon Valley is investing billions in "eco-tec". Yet none of these technologies have been shown to work at scale.

As our technologies fail us, we urgently need to explore alternative ways to connect and repair the world around us.

In this talk we'll explore amazing research on organic materials that could help us build truly organic communication networks. We’ll look at the “Lo-Tek" - traditional ecological knowledge - of indigenous cultures. We'll find inspiration in more-than-human emergent intelligences - mycelial networks that weave forests together, migrating birds and bee colonies. And we'll explore artistic communities of practice, Permacomputing and Technologies of Care for a new understanding for building networks of resilience, reciprocity and interspecies solidarity.