Mirko Ebelshaeuser

Program Specialist / R&D Implementation Manager
Mirko Ebelshaeuser
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Mirko Ebelshaeuser

I am a purpose-driven social innovator devoted to systems change, collective intelligence, and community empowerment. With over 8 years of experience across local, regional, and global development contexts, I have a proven track record in portfolio & project management, resource mobilization, partnership building, and designing solutions that drive progress on shared goals. At my core, I believe open data, open-source solutions, and cross-sector collaboration are key to uplifting people worldwide. Most importantly, I see the potential within communities to drive contextual innovation and co-create sustainable futures by leveraging their collective intelligence and problem solving capabilities. I remain curious and passionate about driving social impact. My goal is to uplift communities by pioneering collaborative technologies, amplifying local knowledge, and breaking new ground in participatory development. This work is about advancing human dignity, achieving equality, spurring economic mobility, and building a more just world - outcomes we can only achieve when we work together. For me, lasting equitable change is only possible through solidarity and collective action.


Engaging Communities, Collecting Data and Solving Problems

Mirko Ebelshaeuser, Antonio de Jesus Anaya Hernandez, Eric Nitschke

This is a conversation between initiatives, the UNDP Accelerator labs, UNTAPPED and the Internet of Production Alliance, Open-Know-Where (OKW), about their different approaches to collecting data and building data systems for decision-making at the community level.
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