Simone Orgel

Digital Strategist
Porträt von Simone Orgel, die lächelnd in die Kamera blickt.
Foto/Bild Credit
Frank Nürnberger

Simone Orgel is a Berlin based digital strategist, strategic communications consultant and artist focusing on participation processes, empowerment and community building in the digital space. Driven by the question on ICTs can serve communities, she accompanies digital development processes and speaks on the topics of digital society and innovation. She studied Communication in Social and Economic Contexts at the Berlin University of the Arts as well as the University of Toronto and has worked as a communications expert for several public and private institutions. Until May 2023 she was heading the non-profit association Wikimedia Germany's department Communitys, Society and Politics and until December 2017 she was Head of Project & International Relations at re:publica.

Simone's current art project “Bing({‘})h” is a playful artistic anthropology of sexual representation in both language and image, which aims to reduce the taboos and paradoxes surrounding the depiction of female sexuality.


Let's play, Homos*! Willkommen in der Welt der Menschenbilder.

Simone Orgel, Karolina Capasso

Moment mal.. *Homo WTF?!
Homo – hŏmō [ˈhɔmoː] ist das lateinische Wort für „Mensch“ und wird mit einem Adjektiv kombiniert, wie bspw. Homo oeconomicus, Homo deus oder Homo faber, zu einem sogenannten „Menschenbild“ und damit zu dem, wie wir die Welt – implizit oder explizit – wahrnehmen. Mächtig also. Und was ist er? Ein Spielender? Ein Sozialer?
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