First highlights from the Call for Participation

04.04.2023 - The CfP ended almost a month ago – we have prepared a small "sneak peak" with the first results for you!
Collage einiger Speaker*innen

The #rp23 programme team, together with the track teams, has spent the past weeks intensively evaluating the numerous submissions from the Call for Participation (CfP). Once again this year, selected representatives from the community, friends and experts are helping us with the curation. From now until mid-April, everyone who submitted something to the CfP for #rp23 will receive feedback from our team. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has participated!

In total, we received 1047 submissions from 1376 submitters for this year's Call for Participation. 57% of the CfP submitters are female, 40% male and 2% non-binary. Most submissions were in the tracks "Politics & Society" (231), "Business & Responsibility" (145), followed by "Learning & Knowledge" (126) and "Media" (120).

The first sessions have already been accepted and are thus fixed. We can already reveal that we have uncovered some real "treasures" for the #rp23 programme – and since we can hardly wait, we would like to introduce you to the first speakers from the CfP today. 

Small spoiler: It's not over yet – many more highlights await you among the CfP submissions!

Birte Meier
Chefreporterin Investigativ
Dennis Horn
WDR Innovation Hub
Portrait Erika Lust
film maker
Profile photo of Julia
Project Lead beabee
Katharina steht vor einem herbstlichen Wald.
Scientific Programmer
Leonhard Dobusch (Foto: Ingo Pertramer, CC BY 4.0)
Professor für Organisation & Blogger
Porträt einer Frau mit dunklen langen Haaren und weisser Bluse
Diversity & Inclusion Lead
Picture of Marcel Weiss
Free-roaming Strategy Analyst
EIn Bild von Marina Weisband
Philip Banse Portraitfoto
Eine Person mit offenen Locken und Brille strahlt in die Kamera. Sie trägt ein dunkelblaues Oberteil und wird mit rosa Licht indirekt angestrahlt.
Journalistin, Autorin, Digitalstrategin
Portraitfoto sarah Lincoln
Rechtsanwältin und Verfahrenskoordinatorin
Porträt von Sue Reindke. Sie schaut nach vorne und lächelt. Sie trägt ihre roten langen Haare offen und ein dunkelblaues Kleid.
Diversity & People Experience Strategist | Keynote Speaker
selfie im spiegel mit der aufschrift "this store is cashfree for your safety and ours"
Doctoral Researcher