The Off Stage programme of #rp24

10.05.2024 - Video art, installations, VR experiences, exhibitions and much more!
re:publica-Besucher im Off Stage-Bereich mit einer VR-Brille
Photo Credit
Stefanie Loos/re:publica

For this year's Off Stage programme, we have received many great ideas from the re:publica community via the Call for Participation and by invitation. Artists, collectives, tinkerers and hackers, activists and performers are showing their work and dealing with the topic of “Who cares?”, sometimes explicitly, sometimes abstractly.

Here we present some Off Stage highlights: 

A playful and daily changing programme awaits you at the Off Stage Stands in the Community Garden. The programme includes:
The Berlin SCHOOL OF VR is calling for compulsory virtual schooling to prepare people for metaverses - test your VR skills! In the Fight For the Net card game, you can discuss strategies against disinformation on the net and at Networked Improvisation in TidalCycles, we invite you to a live coding jam session. We also want to know what "care" means to you - you can knead your answers in the form of emojis. In the Community Garden you will also find the comic essay installation A Pigeon‘s Tale on AI topics. At Chapbooks against the Machine, you can get involved in zine production on digital topics.

With the three positions Self-Care, Theatrum Radix and Tineola bisselliella Autumn collection at the entrance area of the STATION, we are taking a look at other dimensions of care on the border to the non-human and combining art and science.

The kinetic sound installation Don't Look At Me, which deals with attention economy, algorithms and robotic sound generation, awaits you in the Viadukt. In the neighbouring White Room, you can view a video art exhibition created in collaboration with medienkunstverein e.V..

In Hall 1, you can discover interactive media art around stages 2-3. Among other things, you will find here the works Consensus Gentium and Fãl Project - None AI, the interactive video installation Xingú Entangled as well as a pop-up of Digitales Deutsches Frauenarchiv

At the heart of the Off Stage programme in DTM Park are the movement and workshop sessions in the experimentally inflatable architecture of the Popticum. Inside, you can work on the questions of our time, listen to the radio play by Dusted Atlas, learn more about German colonialism in China or playfully discuss digital political demands with 1, 2 oder 3, letzte Chance? Auf keinen Fall!

The group exhibition In the Loop - On Artificial Intelligence and Time and stochastic datasets await you at the Lokschuppen. The works highlight social problems in the use of artificial intelligence and propose playful, speculative scenarios to solve them. 

If you want to find out more about the background and performers of the Off Stage programme, why not drop by at our Homebase? In addition to artist talks with Lyndsey Walsh or Ulrich Formann & Yul Koh, guided tours of the site and the Off Stage programme start here. The Homebase is also the place where a broad alliance of organisations on the topic of accessibility will present themselves - re:publica goes accessible! Our recommendation if you've always wanted to take a look behind the scenes at re:publica: Check out cre:w care – the experimental short films document the build-up to #rp24.

If you can't join us in person, our digital community space on Gather Town offers exciting formats. Digital exhibitions such as Mothers Worriers Poets and films await you there. We are particularly looking forward to continuing our collaboration with HAU Hebbel am Ufer and presenting innovative collaborations and content there - including the AR installation and performance ɧყ℘ɛཞƖơ۷ɛ.

Watch, touch, play, discuss, experiment and do it yourself - the Off Stage programme definitely has something for everyone. We look forward to seeing you.