Maker Community Exchange

Kirstin Wiedow, Gertrude Goh, Fadia Elgharib, Tom Hansing, Jessica Guy, Rahim Md Abdur, Antonio de Jesus Anaya Hernandez

A meeting between networks of community networks supporting makers, makerspaces and hubs. Money can take a wide range of shapes, sizes and forms. We are meeting like-minded individuals to exchange knowledge and share the different mix of assets which are the social and natural capital that feeds the physical and financial capital of a community.

The ‘mAkErverse’ is the umbrella term or ecosystem of real communities from the individual level through to city, country, region, continental and global level collaborating in order to amplify the value and impact of makers and makerspaces weaving together a holistic view of 
what's really happening on the ground. Expanding community networks and learning from others, the differences in their organizations, approaches, and make-up of their communities through this meetup will provide a wealth of information to grow and sustain invaluable maker communities across Europe, Africa and, ultimately, the Globe.

Kirstin Lisa Wiedow
Partnerships and Community and Co-lead of the mAkE project, Project Tolocar
Tom Hansing, anstiftung
Wiss. Mitarbeiter
Image of Jessica Guy at Maker Faire Rome 2022
Multidisciplinary Designer and Action Researcher
Md Abdur Rahim
Managing Director