The #rp23 programme at the Flutgraben stage

04.06.2023 - Meetups, talks and workshops on creative and speculative topics await you at the programme on the Flutgraben stage.

The Flutgraben is Berlin's largest self-organised, non-profit art studio house – and will be transformed into part of the festival grounds during re:publica 2023! On the Flutgraben stage, we will present creative and speculative topics that we have developed together with co-curators. On the three festival days of #rp23, you can expect many exciting sessions on topics such as utopias, digital self-care, sustainability, NFTs, generative AI and many more.

Digital Wellbeing (Simone Orgel)

In a meet-up on digital self-care, we will share how to protect ourselves against misinformation and fake news on the web. A focus will be on the topic of sexuality – there are some myths to be dispelled here. Afterwards, you can deepen your knowledge in a panel on the topic of "Sex education on social media - a fact check". Finally, there will be a workshop on "Why gender and sex disinformation is so powerful and how we can protect ourselves".

Speculative Ecologies: Art and Science Collaborations in the Anthropocene (Ingeborg Reichle)

What answers do art and science offer to ecological emergencies? In the section "Sustainable Paradise", we will take a look at transdisciplinary and speculative visions of the future. After the artists Mary Maggic and Jemma Woolmore give insights into their practice, the co-curator Ingeborg Reichle moderates a panel in which the artistic positions are discussed. Afterwards, the artists will offer a two-part workshop entitled "Collective Encounters with the River".

Change for the Futures (Mushon Zer-Aviv & Maya Van Leemput)

The Futures Change workshop embarks on a creative exchange about critical futures. We will explore the economic present, estimate the effort required for change, and finally imagine different futures through counterfactuals. We will test the boundaries of our imagination and examine the language we use both for economics and the futures in the Futures Exchange panel. In the meetup Futures Interchange you can then exchange ideas about the "market for futures".

Actionable utopias: Futuring from the margins to the center (SUPERRR Lab)

In this track we explore different approaches to creating actionable utopias for today. What does it mean to center voices from the margins of a debate? Let’s take apart the futures discourse, turn it upside down and go back to positive futures through present day actions! We will explore what a queer economy could look like in the workshop. Afterwards, we will discuss feminist digital politics. In a meetup you can exchange visions of the future before we discuss "Muslim European Futurism" in a panel.

Product concepts in transition (Christian Zöllner & Mareike Gast)

If we understand products as temporary-stable states, our handling and design of material changes fundamentally. After a meetup, we will learn more about the dissolution of the concept of product in a lecture: a vision in which material is always changing and never remains unused. Research projects of the BurgLabs and works of students will be shown. Afterwards, you can try out a simple recycling process for plaster in a workshop.

Creative work in times of Generative AI (Julia Schneider, Wolfgang Kerler & Erik Eitel)

With NFTs crashing and AI on the rise, it's not easy being a creative these days. At a meetup, we discuss different forms of collective organisation for artists and creatives. In the following panel we invite you to find out how artists, designers, and illustrators can earn their cash despite – or with – ChatGPT, Midjourney & Co. and whether there is still potential in Web3 to open up new sources of income. This is followed by a workshop in which we'll go hands-on with AI tools with a focus on text and image generation.

Generative AI in music business (Andrea Goetzke)

These conversations explore the impact of generative AI on the music economy. In a panel, we will delve into the potential benefits and challenges of using AI in music creation, production, and ownership, addressing issues such as originality, biases, and job displacement. After the conversation, we move on to The Beach for the a2n_soundsystem DJ set, to exchange more informally over a drink and music at the Musik Pool Berlin meetup.

Web3 & creative practices (Barbara Cueto)

The radical potential of blockchain technology for creatives has become increasingly apparent in recent years. This innovation has revolutionized the way in which we approach governance, ownership, and distribution in the creative industry. In two talks focussing on blockchain as a social connective and new ownership and distribution models for creative practices, we will discover how blockchain can act as a catalyst for creative collaboration, empowering creatives to develop new ideas, projects, and approaches to content creation. You can then deepen these conversations in a meetup.

Digital arts & cash (AC Coppens)

How can we renew the business model of digital art? Come mingle at the meetup and understand who else is interested in this forward-thinking, yet outdatedly financed world of technology and creativity. Following this session are a presentation of research results on the ecosystem, where THE CATALYSTS present a study they conducted together with leading digital arts organizations of the world, followed by a guided think tank and ideation workshop to enable new connections between participants.




Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen: Co-Kurator*innen Meet-up

Ingeborg Reichle, Christian Zöllner, Eric Eitel, Wolfgang Kerler, Andrea Goetzke, Julia Schneider aka Doc J Snyder, Barbara Cueto, Julia Kloiber, Simone Orgel, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Elisa Lindinger, Quincey Stumptner, Ouassima Laabich, Feven Michael Keleta, AC Coppens, Jöran Muuß-Merholz, Maya Van Leemput

In diesem Meet-up laden wir alle Co-kurator*innen und Besucher*innen dazu ein, sich auszutauschen und zu vernetzen.
Civil Society