The re:publica 22 Programme in the New Festival Location

25.05.2022 - The highlights for the new start!
Zwei Teilnehmer:innen der re:publica schauen auf den Programmplan während der #rp19.
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Stefanie Loos/re:publica

In a few weeks, after a two-year pandemic break, we can finally celebrate re:publica Berlin with you again! We have put together a great programme for you: a lot of things will be new, we will dare some experiments and we are looking forward to the big reunion with you more than ever!

The new festival location directly on the river Spree offers 10 indoor and outdoor stages for over 400 programme sessions with more than 700 speakers and performers.
You can find the complete programme schedule here. We hope you have fun putting together your very own #rp22 programme!

The #rp22 Festival Location

The new festival location promises a great new start. Directly on the Spree, in the heart of Berlin, the site includes the Arena Halle, the Badeschiff, the Festsaal Kreuzberg, the Glashaus and the rooms of Flutgraben e.V., the Hoppetosse, and the Arena Club. The spacious area offers plenty of space for indoor and outdoor stages, areas for workshops, makerspaces, games, art actions, concerts, DJ sets, karaoke, but of course also for exchange and encounters. Not to forget: the new "courtyard"—with a view of the Spree and a beach feeling!

Stage 1 in the Arena Hall: The Heart of the Conference Programme

This year, we are reinterpreting our "Festival for the Digital Society". Digitisation permeates all areas of life—and we want to reflect this in the programme. That's why we're not only surprising you with a new design, but also with a new concept for our Stage 1: instead of lecture after lecture, you can expect a "show format" that we've devised ourselves: the "Twitter Feed IRL". Similar to a social media timeline, we present a colourful mix of topics, formats, interventions, music, video clips and comedy—from and with inspiring personalities. The programme on Stage 1 will be led by our hosts Nilz Bokelberg and Geraldine de Bastion. Look forward to contributions from: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Annika Brockschmidt and Natascha Strobl, Kate Crawford, Melanie Brinkmann, Alice Hasters, Luisa Neubauer, Frederike Kaltheuner, El Hotzo, Aurel Mertz, Katja Berlin, Wolfgang Blau, Madita Oeming, Claudia Kemfert, Maja Göpel, Sascha Lobo, James Beacham, Ottmar Edenhofer, Tessa Ganserer, Tariq Krim and many more.

Stage 2

An exciting mix of contributions also awaits you on Stage 2. Highlights include Andreas Hepp's research on pioneer communities, as well as a talk by artist Libby Heaney and professor Jasmin Meinecke on quantum computing and art. Malcolm Ohanwe will speak on the principle of respectability, Kristina Lunz on Feminist Foreign Policy and Ecuadorian presidential candidate Andrés Arauz on cryptocurrencies in South America. Vivienne Chow will talk about how digital art and culture in Hong Kong has changed since the protests.

Festsaal Kreuzberg 

Our second largest stage this year will be located in the Festsaal Kreuzberg. Classic panels and lectures by speakers such as Nathan Law, Leonhard Dobusch, Carolin Emcke and Ottmar Edenhofer, Sascha Lobo and Jule Wasabi, Peggy Piesche, Pia Lamberty and Gunter Dueck will take place here. In addition, you can expect readings by Sybille Berg and Jagoda Marinić, a performance by Markus John Henry Brown or the vollehalle show "In Search of Tomorrow".
In the evening, we will present the highlights of the nightlife programme on the stage in Festsaal Kreuzberg. In addition to Systemabsturz and CherrYO!kie, Tocotronic will also play an exclusive live concert for you here on the last evening.
The conference for digital youth culture TINCON will also take place here on 10 and 11 June.

Beer Garden Stage

A number of outdoor talks await you on the beautiful Beer Garden Stage in front of the Festsaal Kreuzberg. Highlights include the panel on "The Future is Degrowth" with Maja Göpel, Matthias Schmelzer, Theresa Leisegang and Tonny Nowshin, or the session "Frictionless Planet" with Renata Avila, Cathleen Berger, Michelle Thorne discussing how Open Knowledge and Open Data can help work against climate change. Tante will take a critical look at web3, Ingo Dachwitz will talk about data misuse by the police. On 10.06. there will be a great feature on "New German Perspectives in Podcasts" at TINCON, with Malcolm Ohanwe, Viktoria Merkulova (Njette Mädchen, SWR), Frank Joung (Halbe Katoffl), Mo Chahrour (Clanland, RBB) and Merve Kayikci (PrimaMuslima, Bayern 2), among others.


The Glashaus is part of the Arena Berlin area and is one of the most beautiful, historic locations in Berlin. Through the large coffered windows, the view falls directly onto the Spree and the green Lohmühleninsel. The perfect backdrop for our Stage 3. Programme highlights in the Glashaus include a panel with author Frank Schätzing and marine biologist Antje Boetius on the new TV series "Der Schwarm", the session with science journalist Eva Wolfangel on cybercrime and cyberwar in the Russia/Ukraine war or a discussion on the emotion of anger ("Mensch ärgere dich!") with Monique Scheer and Ciani-Sophia Hoeder. Here, the Indian activist Radhika Jalani will also talk about "Internet Shutdowns" and Stanford professor and author Adrian Daub will discuss "Tech Narratives" with Telekom executive Claudia Nemat. Renate Künast, Anna-Lena von Hodenberg, Gilda Sahebi and Frances Haugen will debate "Misogyny and Online Hate", we will talk about the Digital Services Act and with Katja Diehl about the mobility turnaround.

On 11 June, the Glashaus will also host our new event format .txt for the first time, where we will devote a day exclusively to the written word - with a mix of stage programmes with talk and entertainment formats, workshops, a marketplace and supporting programme. Taking part are: Anja Rützel, Peter Wittkamp, Ariana Baborie and many more. Tickets are available here.

Flutgraben e.V.

Flutgraben e.V. is a non-profit art association and offers a lot of space for a variety of artists, groups and initiatives. In this sense, we dedicate ourselves to activist and artistic topics at this location. On 8 June, the Flutgraben will become a "Trial & Error Space" with a programme curated by  Musicpool on the topic of web3 from the perspective of creative artists. On the other days of the festival, there will be lectures and discussions on topics such as data sovereignty, feminist net politics, disinformation, surveillance and anti-racism.

The Sun Deck

"When I'm not here, I'm on the sun deck," sang PeterLicht—and could have meant the deck of the Hoppetosse at re:publica 22. On the boat, which is anchored at the festival site, there will be meetups, talks and panels of a special kind in addition to some highlights from the Off Stage programme. Serious topics that inspire discussion, connectivity and mobilisation can provide plenty of material for conversation, coming together and getting outraged. For example, it's about civil society, party politics and open source, about environmental protection and digitalisation, about what better AI regulation should look like, about resistance to various forms of digital surveillance, whether by police or spies—and much more.

Lightning Boxes 

Our Lightning Boxes are located in the middle of the Arena Halle. Following short keynote speeches, you will have the opportunity to participate in in-depth Q&A sessions and discussions with the speakers. For example, Noah Schöppl will talk about the European Artificial Intelligence Act, Naomi Alexander Naidoo will discuss how to tackle gender-based technology violence and Brigitte Strahwald will talk about vaccination booths, data and administrative chaos during the pandemic.


Since 2014, the Makerspace has been the meeting point for creative minds, designers, tinkerers and coders from the maker scene at re:publica. Everyone who is interested in digital fabrication, laser cutting, tinkering or soldering is welcome here! Together with you we will create a space for creativity, knowledge exchange and you can create something new for our digital future together with the other participants. We will build robots, tinker with solar systems for your balcony, cook plastic-free food or classify insects with an AI.

The programme Special Media: HALOSTAGE, Media Parcours & Media Meetups

In this year's Media Special at #rp22, we are bundling numerous programme items that deal with the current trends and topics of the media landscape both in Germany and internationally. One of the highlights is that #rp22 participants can experience "cinema LED technology made in Potsdam". The HALOSTAGE—Virtual Production Stage will move to #rp22 in its "mobile" version and show what the future of filmmaking could look like. This new technology will be explained and demonstrated by experts on the spot.
The Arena Club will be transformed into an immersive "Media Parcours" for #rp22. In the winding rooms of the building, we will show video works by up-and-coming artists. An interactive installation deals with the data cloud and picks up on the re:publica motto "Any Way the Wind Blows". In addition, different practices of mixed reality applications will be on display in three different VR experiences.

In front of the Arena Club, the "Media Meetups" will take place on the terrace with a view of the hustle and bustle at and on the Badeschiff. It is the meeting and anchor point for everyone who wants to exchange ideas and network around the Special "Media".